Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa's Workshop Craft Fair

Beary Q in white and blue!
Wabbit Q oh so pretty!

Wabbit Q in Blue!

Pretty in Pink Beary Q

Red Puppy Q!

Snow Q Trio in fleece

Puppy Q and his little brother Lil Puppy Q

Oh the excitement is building. Tomorrow, November 21st from 9 to 4 The Q Store will be at the Navarre Santa's Workshop Craft Fair. It is located at 8700 Navarre Pkwy, in the Conference Center. I have worked so hard to create lots of new "Q's" for this Craft Fair. I have posted just a few at After the Fair I will post the "Q's" I have left and share them with everyone else. If you are in the area please stop by and see my booth and give a "Q" a hug!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lil Puppy Q's are barking up a storm......

I am tickled to death with these Puppy Q's! They come in all colors and probably some colors I have yet to find. I will attempt to shop tomorrow and see what damage I can do. I have just posted these darlings on my Etsy shop and I think they will do real well. Why, you ask, because they are toooooo cute. Here is a peek at them and all their soft fleece cuddliness.....

So to you my fans please take a look at my site and check out the rest of the Lil Puppy Q's and all their friends too.
Hugs to all, Susie Q

New Boo Q's for Halloween Fun

The Q Store has added several new Boo Q's that should really delight you Halloween fans!

The Boo Q's will be posted on the shop site for a short while and you should get them fast before all the craft fair gals get their hands on them.....Whew I can tell you those are some quick sales.

So, take a peek and wander over to the shop and pick a few pumpkins from The Q Pumpkin

New Boo Q's for Halloween Fun

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Addition to The Q Store

The newest additions to are posted. I have created some new Boo Q's and Autumn Q's for your enjoyment. They are super fun and will make great decor show pieces for your home or office.

These pumpkins are available for a limited time each year. I make a pumpkin patch filled with them and then when they are sold out, that's it until next fall. I hope you like them and pick a few to share with your friends and loved ones too!

Friday, June 12, 2009


WOW!!! Today is a special day! It feels like more than my birthday! The Q Store has been picked for two treasuries on Etsy. Yes, it's true TWO treasuries in one day. I am walking around hugging my "Q's" over this. Please take a look and leave a note for the gals that made the treasuries, they are so sweet to include the Puppy Q's.

Again, a big WOW!! I just found out that I won the give away today! Yea, todays giveaway was announced and I won it. Oh my goodness! How lucky can a girl get! I won a full package from . I am so excited about this. I needed this and I have been shopping around different sites to find just the right banner and shop to make it. This is a specail day, because here I am the winner of just what I needed most for my shop. Thank you to Hollie at for getting this blog started and for for giving away such a wonderful gift!

Now, I will have to get busy and finsh my current "Q" creation so I can come down off my clouds today.

Hugs to everyone, Susie Q

Monday, June 8, 2009

Newest "Q's"

Daisy Q
Giraffe Q

Okay, here they are, the newest "Q's" to arrive in The Q Store at Etsy. I have to say that they are pretty Q-ute!

Daisy Q is a new Puppy Q and delighted to be featured in Susie's Q's blog today. She has expressed her shear joy by wagging her q-ute tail and arfing. She is so soft you won't want to put her down. If you look into her pretty yellow eyes you'll just melt! Really!

A new Giraffe Q has been created! He is super fun with a bit of whimsy! I wanted him to be different, yet cool. So, he has a full mane and a fun tail. He is not a toy, just a q-ute doll to look at and admire. The last two Giraffe Q's sold right away, so hurry over to right away to pick up Giraffe Q before he is gone. I only make one of kind and you'll have to wait until I get another creative whim before I make another one.

As always, Hugs to all, Susie Q