Monday, June 8, 2009

Newest "Q's"

Daisy Q
Giraffe Q

Okay, here they are, the newest "Q's" to arrive in The Q Store at Etsy. I have to say that they are pretty Q-ute!

Daisy Q is a new Puppy Q and delighted to be featured in Susie's Q's blog today. She has expressed her shear joy by wagging her q-ute tail and arfing. She is so soft you won't want to put her down. If you look into her pretty yellow eyes you'll just melt! Really!

A new Giraffe Q has been created! He is super fun with a bit of whimsy! I wanted him to be different, yet cool. So, he has a full mane and a fun tail. He is not a toy, just a q-ute doll to look at and admire. The last two Giraffe Q's sold right away, so hurry over to right away to pick up Giraffe Q before he is gone. I only make one of kind and you'll have to wait until I get another creative whim before I make another one.

As always, Hugs to all, Susie Q

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