Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is our Fabio at 15 years old this year!
Isn't he the sweetest little guy!

This is our Fabio at 3 months old!
He was so tiny when we found him, he sat in my open hand!
To know me is to know my Fabio! He is my sweet boy. This year he turned 15!! Yes, he is 15 years old and still plays with his squeak toys. We call them babies! He has a big basket full of babies in the den. When he gets up from his morning nap, every day, he goes to the basket and picks a baby. He is picky, and he pushes them around until he finds just the right one. He finds the squeaker and goes for it. OH! He can still play like the young pups! Fabio is a trip! He runs around the house and comes up to you with the baby, just as you reach out to take it, he turns his head and takes off. It is his favorite game.
My sweet boy is not well, and takes allot of medications to just be able to walk. I have to take him outside for his pee pee trips and can't leave his side. He can't see or hear very well. He will keep an eye on mommy if she goes out in the back yard with him and starts to garden. He likes to move ever so slowly off to the side and then, just when you think he would have laid down for a nap, he gets a second wind and trots between the hedge. Oh, he knows where his Aunt Becky lives and just how to go to her sliding door and press his nose against her window. Fabio, is a flirt at 15!! Usually I have to go get him and carry him home, as he is exhausted from the long trot to her house. He is a trip!
I will be adding many more stories to my blog about Fabio. He has lived an adventurous life starting with how we actually brought him into our family!
Hugs to everyone, Susie Q

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